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World of Benches

World of Benches Bespoke Picnic Tables

The Concept

The idea behind it transpired on a family day out, where we noticed a wheelchair user positioned at the end of a picnic table excluded from the group. She was unable to reach her food and drink comfortably having to stretch across the table.

So we designed a table that includes “everyone” and allows all to sit in comfort and in close company, a place where a person in a wheelchair is made to feel part of the group, and could sit among everyone else not an individual sitting sideways or at the end of the table.

The Design

On researching the idea we found a few products but none that were obstruction free or gave clear access. Having been a carpenter for over 35 years I knew there had to be a better way to do this, as in my time I have faced some very challenging projects and this was no exception. With this in mind we took the picnic bench apart and invented the chassis system.

One of the design objectives was to overcome obstructions underneath the bench allowing unrestricted access. The chassis system we developed to achieve this gives the table incredible strength and ensuring the unit is rigid. This entire design is unique to us and proved to be highly successful.

The construction

All of our products are made from Latvian Redwood which is slow grown from sustainable resources. Because it is slow grown it is less susceptible to cold and damp conditions. All the material is pressure treated and after machining it is resealed. This gives all our products a life expectancy of around fifteen years dependent on location.

The bench top is made from 150 x 47 mm (6 x 2 inch) with the chassis and framework being manufactured in 100 x 47 mm (4 x 2 inch) all of which is eased edge so no sharp edges.

Our coach bolts are zinc coated and 10mm thick (M10) and fastened with lock nuts. We then cover the nut with a black plastic cap for safety.

Why us?

We offer top quality, bespoke products for a reasonable cost. All of our items are unique and beautifully designed.